Viking Cooking

This is the place to be if you really want to taste the experience of Viking food.



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        Now here is food for the man in your life. Even he will want to help prepare it.  It's that easy and looks and tastes so good.  Nothing can compare with the flavours and appearance of Scandinavian food.  Scandinavia is the home of those beautiful open sandwiches. The ones that you have drooled over in the expensive food places where you can only afford to look in the windows.


This is the definitive recipe Guide Book to Viking Cooking by Jenny Lovell. Jenny had many years of experience running her own, very successful, Scandinavian Restaurant in Canada. Some recipes are traditional, some are her own but, all recipes are prepared for your taste bud's delight.

  Scandinavian Food, VIKING FOOD.

Get the Viking Cook Book TODAY and experience a dining pleasure that will keep you coming back, again and again, for more.

You want REAL food.

 You want VIKING food.

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